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Feed on


I haven’t totally dropped off the face of the earth…I’ve been working and mom-ing and just generally being…







7:42 yesterday morning I had already been up for hours…I was internally groaning that I had twelve more hours before I would have some peace and quiet…I decided to set a little challenge for myself…get twelve things done in the next twelve hours!

And though there are not pictures of all twelve…
1. Iron sixty triangles all neat and perdy…getting ready to make some more pennants.
2. Help make pom-poms with the kiddos for a Christmas craft we’re trying out. Mop the kitchen floors…fun.
3. Help Estella write her letter to Santa. Feed children cheese and crackers to buy more non cooking time.
her letter says
“Dear Sata I would like
A real violin for christmas.
If you and your elfs can’t
Make one could you make a locked note
Book? And if you can I wold like
a violin the most.
Thank you
Love Estella

4. Iron and prep for making two kid aprons for two little kids who love helping in the kitchen.
5. Make a (sort of) nutritious lunch…then bribe children with fresh popcorn and a rented movie…watch as their eyes glaze over and sneak away to get in more sewing.
6. Sew up, turn out, iron, top stitch the straps and pockets for aprons.
7. Put Ky down for a nap and Estella in her room for some quiet time…sit down to watch some cheesy Christmas movie, drink some tea and pull stitches…pretend to not be getting a migraine in the middle of my super productive day.
8. Sew on apron pockets…sit and rest, allow migraine medication to make me feel terrible but eventually take away my headache.
9. Eat(dinner), clean, be merry. Day one of advent calendar…this year each day is a little crafty something to entertain the Kiddos. It’s a win win!
10. Totally finish two aprons…yay!
11. & 12. It all went downhill from here…got the kids to bed about ten minutes early though! I guess 10 productive hours are better than none!


Well, fall seems to have come and gone and winter is upon us. This morning when I took the dog out I was shocked to see it snowing…I guess it’s a sight I should get used to…winter is on the way!

I’ve spent a ton of time in the last week or so making and freezing and canning. I guess I’m squirreling away food for the winter…for some reason it seems like the thing to do. I’ve made a few batches of applesauce, pickled beets from our garden, a few batches of muffins, multiple soups, and a couple trays of granola bars (nut free since E’s in a nut-free class).

I haven’t sewn all that much recently but I’ve made Estella’s costume (a “turtle princess” whatever that is…)

And I have the fabric to make Ky’s (a fireman). I have a few plush pieces that I need to get going on so once the Halloween costume sewing is done I’ll get started on those.

I’ve been spending the time I would usually use for sewing on refinishing a piece of furniture. I’ve done my fair share of repainting and reupholstering but I’ve never done quite a project like this. I went hunting for a storage piece for Estella’s room and found this bureau right away. I thought it wouldn’t be too much trouble to redo it…I knew I’d have to strip and paint and refinish it but I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

I wish I had a before picture but it was glossy black, and someone had cut two of the drawers in half to make shallower drawers. I’ve scraped and repaired and sanded like crazy for the last month or so and finally this week I’m ready for paint and stain. I can’t stain the drawers since they have a big repair line down the middle so this is the look I’m going for. I’m hoping that it’ll turn out well since I’ve put such a ridiculous amount of work into it. Hopefully I’ll have some finished product pictures to share soon!

And just because I know my family only checks the blog to see pictures of the kids…a rare moment of quiet…

Happy weekend!


The circus strongman I was working on is patiently awaiting his big day in Seattle. The Plush You show opens on Friday…I hope someone loves him and takes him home! He was fun to make and plan out but I don’t think there will ever be another…all of those tattoos to FOREVER!!

I’ve been spending some time finishing up a quilt that I’m just not loving. I doodled it out a while back and then dove in and started it. Unfortunately I’ve pretty much hated it since the first day of sewing. For some reason it just didn’t do it for me once I started it… I only finished it because I’m far too stubborn to quit halfway through after I spent all kinds of time cutting squares.

Luckily I had a bunch of yardage that’s perfect for the backing…ill get it all finished soon so that I never have to work on it again! I’m hoping to start another more satisfying quilt soon. I definitely need something fun and satisfying to wash away the bitterness from this last one… It sucks to put so much work into something you really aren’t loving but I guess that’s all part of the process sometimes…

I took some time this week to make some applesauce with some of the apples we picked a while back…

It seemed like I was making a ton but only ended up with five pints…and tons of leftover apples. I guess another day of applesauce making is in my future…

Today we took advantage of the sunny fall weather and went for a hike. It was only a couple of miles but I carried Ky on my back the whole time so it was a good workout!



Wow, four months! I’m lame. I’ve been dreading the whole catchup post but have decided to let myself off the hook with one big catch up photo…and then we’ll all just pretend that I didn’t disappear for such a long time.

And in more recent times I’ve been working. Plush You is approaching and I’m lucky enough to be a part if it again this year. I’m currently about 75% done with each of my three pieces…I’m having a little bit of trouble actually completing any of them but I’m getting there!

Today’s the day to get this guy finished

And spend a little time with the fam too!

Happy weekend!!


The batch of lumberjacks I’ve been working on are close to finished…they’re waiting for their hats…

We’ve been doing a lot of work to make our garden area easier to keep weeded…and we’ve planted some greens…and started a bed of asparagus…

We did everything we could to enjoys the nice weather we had for a few weeks…unfortunately it’s back to the usual cold Vermont spring type weather…

Dandelion bouquets from the kids…always the sweetest!

Enjoying some water play…this boy and water…

And all of a sudden my girl is a reader. Reading away like she’s been doing it her whole life…

And I’ve been working too…the top of this one is done…

And this one is now quilted, waiting for its binding…

Life is busy. School is almost done for the year and we have a dance recital fast approaching. Vacations are coming up and fun things we want to do over the summer need planning. Oh, and lots of looking forward to sunny days spent outside and at the beach…life.


Life is busy around here…

There are train tracks to throw rocks at

And lumberjacks to be made

And in anticipation of some new work I tried some wool dying

And then there are days where we just sit around in silly hats drawing pictures

And time spend being a “taco” and playing with cars


I have lots of projects in progress and the arrival or warmer weather only lengthens that list…but boy is it welcome!


I don’t know if I need to schedule in a time to blog every week or set myself an alarm or something…I want to be more consistent, I guess I just haven’t made it enough of a priority. Excuses, excuses…

I completed the pink and green triangle quilt that I shared a bit of in the last post, and it’s already in its new home waiting for its baby…which happens to be being born today…

And, I finished this other triangle quilt as well…and my helper wanted to help model it…

I’m working on a hexagon quilt right now that will be a gift so I’m not going to share too much of it…just perfecting those obnoxious Y seams…ugh!

We got some Easter egg coloring in just in time for the Easter bunny…

Most of the eggs ended up a swampy green this year…there was a lot of double dipping…but lots of fun too…

A little revamp of some thrift store shelves…I had lots of fun making dots…

We are anxiously awaiting some springtime weather and warmth. It wasn’t too bad last week but this morning I woke to the sound of a plow truck…just a reminder that Vermont weather has a mind of its own.


Not much in the excitement category but plenty in the normal life category…

Playing with dry beans never seems to get old…


I’m getting some triangles out of my system.

I’ve wanted to make a triangle quilt for a long time and I currently have two in the works…one a gift and one just because…

Kyler spent a good amount of time painting quietly at Estella’s party last weekend and this was the result…I love the swirly paint!

I’m in dorky, geeky love with my new pencil sharpener…

It gives the pencils that super sharp dangerous point that I love so much…and the kids can do it themselves too…though Estella looked at it and said, slightly grossed out sounding, ” what is that!?” I guess they only use electric sharpeners in school. I can’t wait to screw this puppy to the wall somewhere and sharpen every single pencil in the house!

Happy St. Patty’s Day to those of you feeling festive today…I hope you have a lucky day!


I just survived our first big school birthday event…it was a success and I have a happy (six year old) little girl!!






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