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I guess that once again I’ve disappeared for a bit and flaked on the blogging…that doesn’t mean that we haven’t been filling our days as usual.

I have two sides done and the third pinned and ready to be sewn.  The hand sewing is slow going…

Peanut seems to like it!

A few little flowers on my windowsill (picked while we were on a walk) that are now starting to wilt away.  The smell coming from them is so  strong and reminds me so much of my grandparent’s backyard.

Next up, I’ll be redoing a chair that is currently in the basement to be used in the ‘garage’ so while I’m redoing the new one, I thought I’d put matching fabric on the old one so they match.  I’m not normally super matchy-matchy but I love the material and it goes so well with the current paint!

The new room has taken furniture from around the house, leaving us with some open, empty spaces…

I’m kind of enjoying the empty areas, so much possibility and so much easier to clean!  Plus now there’s room for me to bring home random “projects”!

And now I can admire my chevron wall in the hallway…yep, that’s right, I painted giant chevron stripes in the hallway…

The top of the hexagon flower quilt is done!  I’m super happy with it.  I do think though that I’m going to have to hand quilt it to get it to look the way I’d like it to.  At least it’s not very big… 

The kids are still here too…not just crafts!

Estella has been rather difficult lately in a way that I’m assuming only a four year old girl can be.  I’ve been told it’s not just mine that has an incredibly feisty demeanor but since I don’t have much experience with four year old girls,  I’ll have to take their word for it.   She’s difficult, but I think we’ll still keep her.   She never fails to amaze us with her vocabulary or her creativity.  It feels like every other day that one of us comments on how grown up she seems.

 She’s been very into writing her letters lately…Walter jokes that she has better handwriting than he does! 

(Picture taken at work…we don’t actually have filing cabinets and safes at home!)

Look at this face…we see it a lot…

Kyler has his two bottom teeth and the top two are painfully pushing just below the surface,  he “cruises” around everywhere and can balance on his own…those first steps will most likely be coming soon!  He’ll sit on the floor lifting his hands up above his head until you pick him up but he still doesn’t say much of anything.  He’s mumbled “mama” and “dada” a few times but not consistently enough to really count them as words…we figure the fact that Estella never stops talking is going to keep him from ever needing to say a thing.

I think that pretty much sums up the last week or so…  I’ll try to be more present here,  I have the intention of being more consistent with my blogging but life always has a way of needing attention in other areas…

Happy weekend to you all…and a Happy Birthday to my Mom!

4 Responses to “302”

  1. Melanie says:

    Stacey, I so love your style. I never would’ve thought of chevron striped walls!

  2. Grandma Gail says:

    Thanks for the Happy Birthday, I am not sure that I am counting anymore though! I LOVE the quilt, it might even get me to think about a project again!

  3. Chase says:

    How grown up Estella has become. Did she write all those letters by herself? And what a face on that boy! ANd you, I’m so impressed with your quilting abilities…your passion for it and your flair…like Melanie said…you have amazing “style”…brave too! Looks great!

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