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I’m keeping to my plan and finishing up some incomplete projects.  I think I finished the top of this quilt last summer…I remember photographing it on the grass…I guess finishing it has been a year long project.  I don’t have a use for it yet but it’ll be done!

I’ve finished the quilting and I’m halfway through the binding. Yep, another one quilted with parallel lines…I’m not very creative when it comes to quilting so I stick with what works.  This time I did it on a slant though so that’s a bit different… 

I’ve finally pieced together the giant blocks for this quilt top.  It’s the Batwing Quilt from Fat Quarterly.  I think this one is from the end of the summer as well.  I’m fairly certain I stopped working on this one when I started all of the quilts I made as Christmas gifts.

It’s pretty big, 78×104, and yet another quilt with no particular use in mind.  I’ll probably quilt it with parallel lines too.  Variety is apparently not the spice of my life.  Mostly the parallel lines are simple and easy, and since I don’t have a sewing machine built for quilting I have to do what I’m able to do…

Ky was behind me on my chair while I was sewing, patting me on the back saying, “Mama” over and over…not super helpful but cute!

Estella loves reading books with food in them.  She always chooses books from the library based on their food images and the other day she spent time looking through my cookbooks with pictures in them. 

I wonder what she’ll be when she grows up…a cook, a food photographer…

I needed something to fill the kids baskets up a bit and luckily I saw this post only hours before.  Really simple, but not something I would have thought to do. 

And just in time for the Easter bunny, we colored eggs tonight. 

Estella told me when she was done that she was feeling proud about how her eggs came out.  It was very cute that she felt so pleased with the job she had done.  She should feel proud, she carefully colored them all in different sections and stripes…none of them ended up that mucky jumble of colors you get from dipping them in every color available.  Such a big girl!

Happy Easter!!

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