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Continuing to finish up old projects…

The Batwing Quilt is quilted and the binding is sewn on the front.  Now I have many days worth of hand sewing to finish it up.

Some other hand sewing…putting a felt scaly creature onto a quilted linen base for some fun pillows.  I’ve finished one and have three more to do.

The Modern Baby Quilt (or Hexflower quilt as I like to call it) is done.  Now I just need a baby to give it to…

And some other projects getting finished up on the house too.  The entryway is actually ready for paint…and some shelves and hooks.  It’ll be nice to have it done and more functional.  Ky watched intently as Walter sanded drywall…he doesn’t realize just how badly that job sucks…to him it looked like a lot of dusty fun!

Estella’s interest in food is slowly taking over. This week at the library she came home with four food  related  books.  She’s also been cutting pictures of food out of our junk mail…we find piles of coupons and food advertisements all over the house.

Naturally she wants to make every recipe in every book but we need to find ones that a) someone will actually eat, and b) she can make herself.  Yesterday we made fancy fruit kabobs.  I know she’s capable of making more challenging things but I have yet to figure out how to let her be in the kitchen on a chair making something and keep Kyler out of the way…

Kyler doing a little reading ;)

Though he continues to make progress with the signing and he’s starting to work on more sounds, this week was frustrating.  I’m not sure if we’re just all frustrated with the difficult communication or if some teething and a mild cold is playing a role in this weeks increased frustrations.  Another appointment on Monday with his Speech Therapist and his big hearing screening on Wednesday with the audiologist. 

Today I’m off to visit with some old friends for the evening…should be lots of fun!!

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  1. Kristy says:

    You should give that quilt to Anna!

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